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Dean’s Message | Winter 2018

Often times I am asked about my career and what motivates me. Digging deeper they ask, what are your priorities; what is your purpose? When I reflect on over four decades spent working in academia, what I focus on is the people. My fundamental goal is to work on behalf of our students, faculty, staff, alumni and the professions they represent. I put these groups at the forefront of everything I do.

Throughout my career I have adopted the philosophy of a service leader. From my perspective, a service leader is someone who sees themselves as working on behalf of those you lead. While you have the authority to make decisions, you make it a priority to gather input from those around you and your decisions are based on the needs of the people you serve. I believe this is a fundamental part of the training of a health care professional, where your goal is to make your patient stronger, healthier or at least more comfortable. I trained as a pharmacist, but these principals apply to all health care professions.

What makes up the School is the people. We have brilliant, talented faculty who are committed to developing, both personally and professionally, each and every student that walks through our doors. Our dedicated staff work tirelessly to make the student experience exceptional. We also have a network of alumni who are passionate about playing a role in shaping the future of their profession.

As dean, my goal is to strengthen the School and the professions with whom we are engaged. For me a successful semester is one where when I step back to observe the faculty and student body I see how they came together. I see how they developed, how they progressed and how, as a result, the School became stronger.

University of the Pacific - Phillip R. Oppenheimer
Phillip R. Oppenheimer, PharmD
Professor and Dean
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