deans_letter_summer16_cathrine_misquittaCathrine Misquitta ’96, PharmD recently served as a speaker at a Managed Care Series event titled “The Role of the Pharmacist in Controlling Costs in a Pharmacy Benefit Manager,” co-hosted by Script Your Future and Pacific PharmAssistance. Misquitta believes that it is important to give back to your alma mater by volunteering to share your experiences and helping to shape the next generation of health care professionals. “I would definitely encourage all alumni to be involved with the School in some way, whether it is serving as a preceptor or serving in another teaching capacity,” said Misquitta. She is able to share her expertise in managed care. “I have a vested interest in ensuring pharmacy students come out of school understanding managed care, even if they don’t become managed care pharmacists,” explains Misquitta. “Any pharmacist who processes a claim through a patient’s insurance should understand how much consideration has gone into the pharmacy benefit. The pharmacists in the community are often the ones explaining everything to the patient.”

Misquitta explains that it was her aunt who inspired her to pursue a career in pharmacy. She shares, “I have an aunt who is a pharmacist in Oregon. When I was in college I think I changed my major three times. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Then one day when I was visiting my aunt, she invited me to come to work with her. She knew so much and was a tremendous resource to her community. Since I liked science and working with people I decided that pharmacy would be a great profession.”

Reflecting on her time at Pacific she is grateful for both the education she received and the connections she made. She said, “Every course I took helped me prepare for a career in pharmacy. It was also a great place to meet peers with whom I’d be working for years to come. I still run into my classmates. Pharmacy is a small world.” Given the close-knit community she advises current students to apply themselves and demonstrate professionalism during their rotations. “Study hard, work hard and always do your best work,” said Misquitta. “Pharmacists remember how well students do on rotations and word travels fast in pharmacy.” She adds, “I wouldn’t be in my current position if I hadn’t made a good impression on my former preceptor or current boss.”

Misquitta is currently the vice president of clinical pharmacy solutions at Health Net Pharmaceutical Services. “When I graduated from Pacific I never envisioned myself as a managed care pharmacist,” shares Misquitta. “I completed a pharmacy practice residency and started off working as a clinical pharmacist in the hospital setting. After about three years, one of my former residency preceptors contacted me to see if I knew anybody interested in a job in managed care. After a few minutes of consideration I decided that I would be interested. Over the years I’ve learned a great deal about how to manage pharmacy costs and improve patient health from a population-based perspective. Some of my most interesting opportunities have been leading software development, serving on the National Committee for Quality Assurance pharmacy expert panel and developing clinical programs.”

Through the California Society of Health-System Pharmacists she serves as a board member of her local chapter and chair of the continuing education committee. By being involved in professional organizations she is able to keep a finger on the pulse of changes in health care. She views these changes as an opportunity. She believes, “With a shortage of primary care providers and an influx of newly insured patients, pharmacists have a golden opportunity to help shape the future and push the profession to the next level.”



By Anne Marie H. Bergthold
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