On July 24, 2011, the Pacific Academy of Student Pharmacists (ASP) hosted their annual Spring Picnic with nearly 400 students and faculty members in attendance.  The students were able to socialize with friends, enjoy great food, and get some Vitamin D after spending much time in the Rotunda and PHS115 for the week preparing for exams. Thanks to the Dental Hygiene, Physical Therapy, and Speech-Language Pathology students for coming out to join the “Pharmers” for some fun in the sun.

The picnic started off with free t-shirts (sponsored by Walgreens and designed by the talented Antionette Dinh ‘13) and “stunna” shades featuring the new ASP website at asppacific.com – come check it out.  Water gun fights started and students bombarded the inflatable bounce house and water slide.  Some geared up for sumo wrestler fights and mechanical bull riding, while others tried to dunk professors and pharmacy fraternity presidents at the dunk tank with softballs and soccer balls.  Thanks to Dr. Xin Guo, Dr. Wade Russu, and Miss Tea from the Café for volunteering. The dunk tank was run by Phi Delta Chi, and raised over $400 to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

After working up an appetite, a mass exodus of students formed lines for food and raffle prize tickets.  Lunch was catered by Carniceria La Sierra in Stockton.  They came out with their food trailers to grill chicken, tri-tip, sausages, and kabobs – it was delicious! After lunch the bake-off began with our Walgreen representatives as the judges. They sampled peanut butter cookies, cobbler, and apple cake, among other mouth-watering baked goods. Christine Giang ‘12 was selected as the winner for her Guiness Chocolate Cupcakes. Clara Chia ‘13, the bake-off organizer, said, “I’m really thankful for the Walgreens representatives for coming out and helping us with the bake-off competition.  I hope they enjoyed taste-testing the desserts prepared by our own students.”

The watermelon eating contest gathered some last minute contenders to see who could eat their watermelon quarter the fastest – with no hands, of course. A crowd gathered and students cheered as their fellow classmates dove into their slices.  Antionette won the contest after receiving the loudest cheers for her finished watermelon quarter slice.

Special thanks to the ASP Board and Semester Officers (Alex Vu ‘13, Chintan Shah ‘13, Jennifer Lee ‘13, Antoinette Dinh ‘13, Barrett Smith ‘13, Christian Ngo ‘13, Clara Chia ‘13, Michelle Malewski ‘13, and Allison Lai ’13) for putting on a great event to gear up for finals. Thank you Walgreens for another successful Spring Picnic!

To learn more about what our students do and view more pictures from the picnic, visit www.facebook.com/asppacific.

By Allison Lai ‘13
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