Kevin Komoto ’08, ’09, PharmD, MBA has had many mentors who have helped shape him both personally and professionally. Dr. Komoto is paying it forward by serving as an Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) preceptor in the Bakersfield region. In recognition of his dedicated service to Pacific’s doctor of pharmacy students, he received the 2017 APPE Preceptor of the Year award for his region.

“By volunteering as a preceptor, I hope to positively influence the next generation in the way my mentors influenced me,” said Dr. Komoto. He views the precepting experience as a mutually beneficial relationship. “The students teach me so much about emerging trends in the profession and inspire me to keep pushing forward.”

Kimberly A. Hoffmann ’89, PharmD, BCPP, BCGP, clinical professor of pharmacy practice and regional coordinator for the Bakersfield region, shared how the students appreciate his mentorship. “They are motivated by his creativity, his intellect, but most of all by his sincere caring for their success personally and professionally,” Dr. Hoffmann said.

Dr. Komoto was originally interested in computer science and technology, but realized that he “wanted a career which more directly impacted people and patients.” He added, “I was attracted to pharmacy because of the diverse roles in which pharmacists practice.”

Dr. Komoto comes from a long line of pharmacists, including his father, Brian Komoto, PharmD, who he considers his greatest mentor. He expressed the “profound impact” his father has had on his career. “He approaches the challenges of health care with boundless optimism, finding opportunities to improve patient care and to push the profession forward.”

Dr. Hoffmann added, “Kevin and his father, Brian, have always been preceptors for our region and Komoto Healthcare has been our main site for compounding pharmacy. They are exciting to work with because they always have their finger on the pulse of where pharmacy is headed. They actively engage students in new ideas and practices […] and are front runners in embracing our clinical roles as pharmacists.”

“I am lucky to share all my adventures and experiences with my wonderful wife and daughter.”

When asked why he chose Pacific, Dr. Komoto replied, “I was impressed by the campus, professors and overall culture of the University.” He emphasized that he was drawn to the PharmD/MBA program at Pacific because, “the program was very novel and provided a great foundation in both business and pharmacy practice.”

Currently, Dr. Komoto is vice president of pharmacy development at Komoto Healthcare. “The greatest satisfaction I get from my job is implementing and growing programs which push the boundaries of the profession and advance patient care.” He elaborated, “Our recent work and research in the area of transitional care has demonstrated how an outpatient pharmacist-run clinic can significantly reduce hospital readmissions. There are huge unmet healthcare needs for patients, especially in the Medicare/Medicaid population. I enjoy working with colleagues that see pharmacy as the solution and work earnestly to expand the pharmacists’ scope of practice.”

Dr. Komoto also gives back to his alma matter by serving on the board of the Pacific Pharmacy Alumni Association.

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