“I have nothing but fond memories of Pacific and I am proud to be an alumna.”

-Hession Hogan ’04 SLP

Hession Hogan2_resizedTuLips Speech Therapy, located on Union Street in San Francisco, was recently featured in a San Francisco Chronicle article.  TuLips is a charming storefront speech clinic owned by Pacific SLP alumna Hession Hogan ’04 and sister Maggie Hogan who is also an SLP.   The private practice provides speech therapy services to adults and children as young as 18 months old.

TuLips Speech Therapy offers walk-in speech therapy.  Hession explained that because they are on a busy street, it is easy for adults to stop in as they pass by and ask a question for themselves, their child or someone they know.  She went on to say that a lot of times drop-in clients say that they have been meaning to see a speech therapist, but didn’t know how to find one.

Prior to opening TuLips, Hession lived in New York City for several years and worked in a pediatric hospital.  Her patients had severe problems.  Hession reflected, “I remember thinking there must be a way I can help them because their physical therapist and occupational therapist were able to provide therapy—I was going to have to figure a way I would be able to help them as well.”

Hession Hogan_resizedHession was introduced to muscle based therapy and saw that helping these children to increase breath support; to be able to breathe on their own, to strengthen their jaw, tongue, and lip muscles so they would be able to eat and then to build on those skills and transition into speech sounds.  “I continue to apply those techniques on a daily basis,” noted Hession.  “I have several clients with rare syndromes whose parents drive from the North Bay, South Bay, and East Bay to bring them to speech therapy because there is no other speech therapist who can provide the type of therapy they need,” Hession explained.  Hession is certified in Oral Placement Therapy.  She currently is at Level Three and anticipates receiving Level Four certification early next year.  Hession is one of a handful of California Speech-Language Pathologists who are certified in this specialization.  It is a muscle based approach that can be used with anyone where traditional speech therapy is not benefiting them or when they have plateaued.

Reflecting on her experience at Pacific, Hession remarks, “I remember feeling very prepared once I graduated and was working during and after my Clinical Fellowship (CF) year.  I continue to recognize what an exceptional program Pacific has after speaking to others who felt like they were not prepared and did not have the confidence to be a speech therapist.”  Hession went on to say, “Pacific was well organized in making sure we turned in correct paperwork to the state and national boards at the right times.  The professors were very supportive throughout the program and want you to succeed.  I have nothing but fond memories of Pacific and I am proud to be an alumna.”

Read about their story in the San Francisco Chronicle here.



By Susan Webster
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