Kate ODell_2_revisedKate O’Dell, PharmD, the new director of professional programs and vice chair of pharmacy practice, has many years working in experiential pharmacy education and has worked as a regional coordinator for the past 10 years. As a current preceptor, she prides herself in her ability to support students as they apply classroom knowledge to practical settings.

As the director of professional programs, Dr. O’Dell is tasked with supporting the integration of the Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE) and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) Programs. She plans to work in partnership with experiential coordinators and staff in an endeavor to streamline operational functions of these programs. She hopes to continue to work with the large cohort of preceptors and decision makers to enhance experiential education to our students. She also plans to redefine some student activities and roles at host institutions as well as developing formal assessments for the Hospital IPPE course.

“Dr. O’Dell’s new role as director of professional programs is pivotal in integrating the Introductory and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE and APPE) programs and bringing innovation to elevate the depth and scope so that our graduates are practice-ready,” said Allen Shek, PharmD, professor of pharmacy practice, associate dean for professional programs.

Dr. O’Dell will draw on her recent experience as the coordinator for the Stockton Region. “Being an experiential faculty from two regions (Stockton and Travis) gave me insight on effective methods to build on the interpersonal relationships with the large group of preceptors and decision makers,” said Dr. O’Dell. Prior to this role, she worked in Michigan before joining the School’s faculty as a regional coordinator at Travis Air Force Base.

Born into an immigrant family, Dr. O’Dell is the youngest of four siblings. She carries with her the spirit of her parents who developed her work ethic, humility and respect. “I strive to do my best and hope to teach my students the same,” said Dr. O’Dell.

In her free time Dr. O’Dell enjoys expanding her mind by studying music theory with her son. “Although my son is much better at piano than me, I am glad to be able to take on this new challenge, to be able to learn alongside him,” said Dr. O’Dell.


By Matthew Muller '14
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