Mimi Tran_resizedMimi Tran ‘04, ‘05 is a speech-language pathology clinical instructor at the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Her return to the classroom allows her to reconnect with faculty, serve as a mentor to students and hopefully make a positive impact on her students’ careers. In addition to teaching, her second semester, she is grateful for the opportunity to inspire determination and passion in students as they work with clients at the Speech and Hearing Clinic. “My teaching philosophy is that we not only need to challenge our students, but also ourselves as professionals. We all need to be reminded that we are in a helping profession. In order to help individuals in need, we need to continue to educate ourselves and maximize the full potential of our clients based on the knowledge and resources that we have,” said Tran.

Years of practical experience have taught Tran that conventional methods are not always effective for every client. Therefore, she encourages students to use their intuition in treatment techniques particularly in challenging cases. She loves hearing students report accomplishments, such as when they are finally able to hear their clients speak without difficulty.

Tran hopes to continue working as a clinical instructor as she builds a stronger relationship with the Pacific community. She also looks forward to keeping touch with her peers through the Speech-Language Pathology Alumni Association where she serves as board member. In the larger civic community, Tran plans to volunteer more of her time at the local women’s shelter and animal shelter. She also enjoys spending time with her dogs; a 6-year-old French Mastiff and 12-year-old Corgi. Her other hobbies include running and art; she enjoys sketching, oil painting, calligraphy, crocheting and origami.


By Matthew Muller '14
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