Turner and his wife, Katie.
Turner and his wife, Katie.

Seth Turner ‘15 put all his eggs in one basket when he applied solely to the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. He was so amazed by the School that he did not feel the need to apply anywhere else. Fortunately, he is now a second year speech-language pathology graduate student.

“[The] professors are deeply committed to the students and are at the top of their field,” said Turner. “The program has a small class size and offers tons of individual attention. Furthermore, I would bet that there isn’t a speech-language pathology program anywhere that is more hands-on than University of the Pacific.”

Prior to joining the School, Turner lived in Pasadena, Calif., where he studied theology. While at the seminary he met his wife, Katie, of two and a half years. He had hoped to finish his master’s degree and eventually become a professor of biblical theology and ancient languages, but after working in a local school district as an in-home instructor for special-needs students (who could not attend class because of medical or behavioral issues), he decided to change his career path. After graduation, Turner hopes to continue working with school children, while also working per-diem in a medical setting.

Turner has high opinions of all his professors but Turner’s favorite is Robert Hanyak ‘79, AuD, associate professor of audiology and department chair. Turner said his lectures are very practical and informative but also that he seems to truly care about every student. When asked to give prospective students advice, Turner suggested talking to the School’s professors.

“It is important to gain insight about the profession and what it takes to become a health care practitioner,” said Turner.

Turner was born and raised in Stockton, Calif. He leads a local group that meets monthly to read biblical passages in ancient Hebrew and Greek. In his free time he enjoys playing Frisbee golf with his wife. He also prides himself in his baking abilities, stating he makes a mean apple pie.

By: Matthew Muller ‘14

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