An athletic training internship inspired Chelsea Offril ’18 to pursue a career in physical therapy. “I enjoyed working closely with the athletic trainers at University of San Francisco, but knew that being a young mother, I wouldn’t be able to travel the way that profession requires,” said Offril. “I saw physical therapy as an opportunity to help people in the same way, while also being able to fulfill my responsibilities to my family.”


The clinical experiences she has had through the doctor of physical therapy (DPT) program have altered her view on which practice setting she can picture herself working in as a future physical therapist. “Before starting Pacific’s DPT program, I was almost 100 percent sure that I wanted to work in an outpatient setting, but after my first inpatient clinical experience, I’ve fallen in love with the acute care setting,” Offril said. Her dream job would be a setting where she could do “a little bit of both.”

Offril was awarded a scholarship made possible by the Chan Family Endowed Scholarship Fund for Physical Therapy. When asked what core characteristics are shared by physical therapists Offril said, “Empathetic, invested, knowledgeable and skillful.” She believes that not only does one need to know how to help patients improve their mobility, it is important to be able to connect with them as individuals. Her peers shared that they are confident she will continue to use her skills, knowledge and compassion to positively impact her patients and community.

“This program has been challenging, but also very rewarding,” Offril said. “I learned a lot about myself while being here. I am forever grateful to the Pacific DPT program, the faculty and my cohort for giving me the opportunity to give my son and family the life I’ve always dreamed for them.”


By Anne Marie H. Bergthold

Alumni Who Give Back

Tony Chan ’77, PharmD and Virginia (Chang) Chan ’77, PharmD, along with their children Jonathan Chan ’09, PharmD and Megan Chan ’13, PharmD, established the Powell matched Chan Family Endowed Scholarship Fund for Physical Therapy. They are known in their communities as devoted advocates for patient care. By supporting students, they have made an investment in the future of health care.

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