Future pharmacist Ryan Rana ’20 has found a unique way to connect with other young professionals.  “Dance is something I can use to connect with other people,” said Rana. “It brings together other professionals. I’ve met most of my best friends through dance.” His friends represent a wide range of disciplines, from marketing to electrical engineering. Rana shared that witnessing their career growth motivates and inspires him.

He is a member of Syndicate Dance, a San Jose-based dance team that competes in urban choreography dance competitions across California. While urban choreography is influenced by the rhythms and techniques found in hip-hop, it is characterized by the choreographer’s interpretation of the music.

Dancing is my way of saying what’s on my mind in ways that I can’t express otherwise,” he said. Often during study sessions with friends in the library, he will take a break, go outside, put on headphones and dance. 


He commutes to San Jose twice a week for practices held at Nor Cal Dance Arts. “I’m a strong believer in if there is something you want to do, you can make time.” His advice for pursing one’s interests as a student is to be proactive and stay organized. “Know what is coming up next and get it done as far in advance as you can,” he said.


Rana earned a bachelor of science in biology from University of California, Davis. When considering career options, Rana knew he wanted to work in health care. An incident where one of his family members ended up in the hospital after taking the wrong medication put him on the path to a career in pharmacy. “It opened my eyes to the importance of pharmacists and the job they do,” he said.

As a doctor of pharmacy student at Pacific, Rana has explored the realms of research and clinical pharmacy. He has been involved in Pacific’s chapter of the Student College of Clinical Pharmacy and served as vice president.

Roshanak Rahimian, PharmD, MSc, PhD, professor and chair of the department of physiology and pharmacology, gave him the opportunity to get first-hand experience in a research environment. “Dr. Rahimian graciously accepted me,” Rana said. He works alongside Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences Program graduate students. “They teach me lab techniques and I help them with their research,” he said. Rana is still exploring different paths within pharmacy and is grateful for the experience he has gained during his time at Pacific.

By Anne Marie H. Bergthold
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