Stephanie Nguyen ’20 dreamed about coming to Pacific since the sixth grade. She was inspired by her cousin, Lien Tran ’01, PharmD. “I recently completed the undergraduate portion of the 3+3 Pre-Pharmacy program and I’m excited to begin pharmacy school in Fall 2017,” said Nguyen. “In my three years at Pacific, I’ve really grown as an individual and professional.”

“The Pre-Pharmacy Advantage Program is a wonderful opportunity for driven high school students who absolutely know that they want to be pharmacists,” Nguyen said. “Priority admission to a top-ranked accelerated pharmacy school is a major perk of the program! I also enjoy the fact that undergraduate and graduate years are spent at the same university, allowing you the chance to build personal and professional connections from a very early time in your college career.”

Since her first year at Pacific, Nguyen has been actively involved in student organizations. “Joining an organization on campus is a great way to find a family away from home,” Nguyen said. “I’ve been able to build strong friendships with other people with similar ambitions and goals while continuing to be myself, which has been a wonderful support system.”

“I am the current recording secretary of Lambda Kappa Sigma (LKS), one of the four professional pharmacy fraternities at Pacific. LKS is an international pharmacy fraternity that strives to provide lifelong opportunities for women in pharmacy through professional excellence and professional growth.

Joining a professional pharmacy fraternity has given me the chance to network with pharmacists and participate in health fairs.”

Nguyen also gained valuable leadership experience as a human physiology teaching assistant for Tara Thiemann, PhD, assistant professor of biological sciences.

A self-proclaimed foodie, she documents her epicurean adventures on Instagram. Warm and welcoming, Nguyen shared, “I’m always up to bring another on a food adventure.” She also loves being in choir and has been involved in the Conservatory of Music’s choral program. An alto, she has been a member of the University Chorus and the Oriana Women’s Chorus.


By Anne Marie H. Bergthold
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